Pastor’s Council

North Carolina Christian Coalition Pastor’s Council

The North Carolina Christian Coalition Pastor’s Council is calling on North Carolina pastors to bond together in a mighty witness for Jesus Christ in the redemption of America.

A serious crisis of cataclysmic proportion has erupted in our country. The nation is experiencing the beginning of a terrible tail spin. The evidence is manifested in the collapse of our culture, the serious erosion of our economy, a growing lack of interest in traditional religion, and the government’s assault on all freedoms, especially religious freedom.

There must be a vehicle to give identity to this massive movement. The Pastor’s Council is providing the spiritual covering for this spiritual awakening. We must join together as the pastors did in early colonial America and call for an end to a growing tyrannical government control. Whitefield and Wesley are no longer with us, but God’s hand is as able as ever in raising up contemporary pastors with courage and heart to inspire godly citizens to rally together as one and say “No” to despotic edicts from radical politicians.

Please join us in this great endeavor. We can and we must stir this “sleeping giant,” and save our freedom to preach without the interference of a spying bureaucrat.

Pastors may feel limited and fail to appreciate their ability to affect policy. Perish that thought. Small branches feed rivers and rivers, oceans. The headwater branches finally result in massive waters that float ships and make electricity. Together with God we can move mountains!

Please join with us by emailing our Pastor’s Council to get involved.