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The North Carolina Christian Coalition needs you!

Today, Christians need to play an active role in government again like never before. If we are going to change policy and influence decisions – from the school boards of North Carolina to Washington, DC – it is imperative that people of faith become committed to doing what Ronald Reagan called “the hard work of freedom”.

We are driven by the belief that people of faith have a right and a responsibility to be involved in the world around them. That involvement includes community, social and political action. In politics, every voice counts. If you are interested in having a positive pro-family impact on your government, the North Carolina Christian Coalition is your organization.


Join our Team – Become a member of the North Carolina Christian Coalition and help us make a difference for our shared values.

Recruit Friends and Family Members – Tell others you know about the Christian Coalition and encourage them to get involved.

Spread the Word – Let others know about content you find in our site.  Forward messages, Facebook and Twitter postings, and post our information to other websites.

Register to Vote – Good citizenship begins with registering to vote.  Get registered to vote in North Carolina today.

Become a Precinct Captain – One of the goals of the North Carolina Christian Coalition is to build a permanent grassroots organization that can serve as a vehicle for whatever issues or projects that pro-family conservatives deem necessary.  Precinct Captains make grassroots organization a reality by working to politically organize within your own neighborhood.  Become a precinct captain today!

Become a Church Liaison – One of the most important positions within the North Carolina Christian Coalition organization is the Church Liaison.  Church Liaisons represent their respective churches in the local Christian Coalition chapter, and their responsibilities include helping the pastor initiate and facilitate civic involvement among the congregation. Click here to get involved as a Church Liaison.


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